Anna and Carlos Benitez — Brother And Sister Are Jamming At @ B8 Portal BCG

If you are planning a trip down Bonifacio Global City (BCG) make sure to watch these two talented brother and sister singing duos— Anna Beatrice and her brother, Carlos Miguel Benitez  (Ages 14 and 17 respectively). The musical siblings first sang in office Christmas parties; then, followed by regular performances in BCG since October 2014. They love to sing covers of famous artists and do about three sets every Saturday (from 6-8pm). You can find them near CBTL (The Coffee BeanRead more

Artist Jensen Moreno: “Thirty-One” 2nd Solo International Painting Exhibition

Jensen Moreno’s 2nd solo international painting exhibition is something special especially when it started from a small idea of celebrating her 31st birthday.  It was in November 2014 when she met the manager of La Plantation Gallery, Mr. Philippe who then introduced her to Mr. Ma, the co-owner of the Easy Wok restaurant. This artistic restaurant is where she had her AHA moment for this exhibit as it has the best of both worlds can offer—good food and a heapingRead more

ARTISTS GALORE: The ARTISTRY of Mieke Pijnenburg by Wilfredo Olamit

ARTISTS GALORE The Trinity of Triumphs “The poem was written by a Filipino Poet “Wilfredo Zambrano Olamit“ and is solely owned by “Mieke Pijnenburg“, a visual artist from The Netherlands.”  I asked his bio and this is what he gave me: “vini, vidi,” i came, saw, “vici,” i conquered, fought life’s low and high. This is the 3-Liner that he constructed when he was asked to write his whole life in a 3-Liner of 17 syllables. Following is an excerpt of a rough draft of a bookRead more

Visual Artist: Gina Apostol talks about her art and Bahagreyna, The Warrior Spirited Woman

Gina Apostal exudes a strong personality through her artworks which mostly deal with femininity issues. Her style is her own which is universal in nature and personal as well. Her art speaks about women issues in regards to sexuality and health, poverty, and empowerment. During the lowest point in her life, she created her alter ego—The BAHAGREYNA. This refers to a warrior-spirited woman, an epitome of a carefree and daring warrior who had become Apostol’s weapon in resolving her personalRead more

Marilyn “Tiya DK” Kirby Artist Journey And Her Comeback

Marilyn “Tiya DK” Kirby’s art journey of becoming an artist is an unfamiliar one. Tiya started experimenting with creativity at the age of twelve as a hidden hobby until her father encouraged her to see her talent as more than just a past-time. Her painting became a therapy which helped her blossom to one promising artist.  Her bright and bold colors, shapes, and curves have caught people’s attention in the Washington D.C. area. This gave her the opportunity to showcaseRead more

My first print art feature is out for Aura Magazine (United Kingdom)

My very first print contribution for ‪#‎AuraMagazine‬ — a print magazine for ‪#‎UK‬ based ‪#‎Filipinos‬. Thank you Arlene de  ‘Adec’ Castro-Anonuevo of RED DOG- poems, musings, visuals.  She is Aura’s first Filipina featured artist, ‘Adec’ her nickname She is a painter, poetess, blogger, photography model, occasional photographer, consultant for speech and personality development, animal rights advocate, former international flight attendant of Cathay Pacific Airways and hotel assistant front office manager of Ramada Midtown Hotel, and most especially, great-grand niece of Philippine hero Andres deRead more

Filipino Artist: Wiljun”Jay”Magsino—His art and his poetry

Wiljun “Jay” Magsino closes influence and inspiration is his father who dabbled in metal art craft as his hobby. Since childhood, his love for drawing was evident.  Mostly self-taught, he learned the basics of drawing by reading books about art and observing the works of other artists. His art education begun when he was in 4th year high school.  He would leave after class and head to the mall. He would stand in front of a portrait artist and sometimesRead more

Artist Profile: Kitty Taniguchi Who Took Art To The Next Level

Kitty Taniguchi‘s is a champion of feminine aesthetic and is among the few Filipina painters who had successfully intruded upon a male-dominated art world—a feat back then. A veteran painter who has devotedly explored and experimented themes of femininity and all of women representation’s that challenged the perception and interpretation of social and cultural conventions. All of her works are due to her personal experiences and her depictions of women in portraits are of expressions of truth, reality, and challengesRead more

Art for Sale: Kevin A Sabino (Painting the Memories of My Childhood)

Next time you want to remember the most memorable moments of your childhood, take a look at these black and white ink paintings by Kevin Sabino. He hails from Tangalan—the 5th municipality in Aklan known for its pristine beauty which nature has bestowed upon it and its people. As an artist, Kevin is able to capture some of life’s most wonderful moments with his beautiful brushstrokes. Painting became for him a tool for reviving his past experiences. He discovered that searching intoRead more

Artist Jensen Moreno: “Her world is the art class, her class is the art world, and her art is world class.”

Born on January 21, 1984 in Orion Bataan, Jensen Moreno’s art voyage began in the Philippines. She was excellent and honor student from the beginning who was destined to succeed in art locally and internationally. “Her world is the art class, her class is the art world, and her art is world class,” as quoted by Jonathan Bar-On—an Author and Teacher at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Her tertiary and post graduate studies began in University of Sto. Thomas (UST) whereRead more

Painter & Performance Artist Spotlight: Goddess Nunistell Mae Fulo-Lee

One of the first components of Goddess Nunistell Mae Fulo-Lee’s style is her penchant for flowing lines and spirals. She uses thick textured paints which seems like the subject of her art is dancing elegantly—influenced by her dance background — who was a former member of the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company. Miss Nunistell hails from Bacolod City who was last year’s Vice-President of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros. She is now focusing her attention to the Negrense artist’s exhibits at the Museo DiocesanoRead more

Artist Profile: Q&A with Master Bienvenido “Boi” Sibug

Beinvenido Sibug, an LA-based Filipino artist has been capturing the essence of a typical world where he grew up in the Philippines–as shown in his paintings, portraits, designs, and photographs. Boi, his nickname, originally wanted to be an architect but opted for Fine Arts. A prolific artist and painter who had 47 group shows in the Philippines, 16 in Guam and 43 in the US. Sibug moved to the Island of Guam in 1992 together with his family and due to anRead more

Artist Profile: Q&A with Joel Masaya and his Filipinism Art

When an artist says he is into Filipinism, one automatically associates it with pastoral life and rural Philippines. However, Filipinism in the past was viewed as very limiting but now; it is more of a blessing –artists like Joel Masaya gives his art a little spin by capturing the image with his brushes rather than a lifeless colorful stroke. Joel Masaya’s art breathes new life into it, and makes it a way to celebrate life by utilizing the riotous colorsRead more

Q&A RicARTE: Ric Ico And His Neo-Cubism Art

RicARTE learned the basics of painting from artist’s friends, and polished his skill further through self-study and perseverance. His knowledge in architectural drafting led RicARTE to explore the possibilities of integrating fine art and architecture in his paintings. Unlike traditional still-life, landscapes, or portrait paintings, cubist paintings aren’t meant to be realistic or life-like in any way. Instead, after looking at the subject from every possible angle; RicARTE’s pieces together fragments from different vantage points into one painting. As a cubist, RicRead more

Q&A: Intense Realism in Clint Normandia’s Art

His art stands out as his paintings are a combination of classic realistic views with a touch of modern twist. Keen on detail in his utilization of space and fine control of the brush, Normandia gives significant dimension to the treatment of light and shade in his drawings and paintings. All his compositions are distinct and lines are sleek with elements which points to Normandia’s contemporary sights. He goes beyond traditional concepts and gives a playful punch to his masterfully painted subjects. His execution andRead more

Q&A Omi M. Reyes: The Modern Realist Who’s Painted For The Sultan of Brunei

Omi Reyes has gone a long way as an artist who started as a textile painter back in the 1980s. In the early days of his career, he painted floral designs on diaphanous and gossamer material to accessorize fashion. Nowadays, his works revolve around modern realism. Fresh from college at that time, finding a steady source of income was the only choice. His artistic soul hungered for venues that can showcase his creativity and celebrate the way he views the world around himRead more

Q&A: Felix Reyes—Mexican Pinoy Texan who paints, sketches & photographs

This American of Mexican and Filipino lineage always had the passion for the arts and his company has fueled that passion. At Reyes Fine Arts where he works as the creative artist at everything for seemingly whimsical works of art to highly emotional pieces. Everything he creates has a deeper meaning and whatever interpretation may vary from person to person. He wants his art to inspire people to look deeper; to use their minds. Felix Reyes is currently an AssociateRead more

Q&A: Flerrie Vicencio—The Widow Who Found Healing in Painting

Jenny’s Serendipity’s featured artist is Flerrie Valiente-Vicencio—a  Malabon City native and a graduate of UST Fine Arts who majored in Advertising. When her father died, she inherited an engineering company. With the help of her husband, she was able to manage her business.  But tragedy came too soon, her husband died and she was left to fend everything to herself. Thanks to her husbands loyal employees, the business survived. With the business, she then started an animation company back when itRead more


Former midwife OFW-turned-housewife-and-family business associate, Sophie Aguilar-Borja has been the subject of a lot of help by many artist netizens on Facebook who have joined the group created for her by her entrepreneur husband William Borja and his artist best friend Franklin Valencia. The group called A Bucket of Love for Sophie aims to seek for medical aid as the family cannot sustain all of it and they want her to have the best care that they can seek forRead more

Featured Artist: Erwin Mallari

Style: Figurative in Social Realism Erwin Mallari, the artist, was born on November 3, 1979 in Malabon, Metro Manila. He is the eldest of two siblings.  He had neither background nor formal training in the visual arts until he reached his 4th year in high school. Erwin studied at the University of the East College (UE) of Fine Arts from 1997 to 2002. He did not finish his studies but opted to work as a clean-up artist in an animationRead more

MASA’s #ARTmismo: Philippines-Italy Art Show Collaboration Feb 2015

Malalayang Alagad ng Sining at Adhikain (MASA) will have its first Pinoy Artist Art Experience (PAAE) at the One World Institute in Bitonto, Bari Italy. PAEE I in Italy is the groups 4th international art show entitled “#ARTmismo” with the subtitle “Art Really Matters.” The group show is for the celebration of the Philippines National Art Month this February 2015. In collaboration with the One World Institute in Bitonto supported by the Philippine Embassy in Rome headed by Minister-Consul General Leila Lora-Santos.Read more

Featured Artist: Sr. Venus Marie S. Pegar

Meet Sr. Venus Marie Pegar, the nun who paints on the side. She started drawing at an early age and continued her artistic pursuit even when she made the VOW to be God’s servant. She said she is grateful that her congregation, Sisters of St. Francis Xavier, supports her artistry but her community outreach will always come first. Sister of St. Francis Xavier was portrayed by actress Jessy Mendiola in the August 30, 2014 episode of TV drama show “MaalaalaRead more

Featured Artist: Marilyn Santos-De Lima

Marylyn like me started joining artist groups. In the beginning, she would just like all the art works until she started painting. A self-taught artist, guided by her Master artist friends from 4S Group Style Stroke Sketches Society made her more confident to pursue arts. I came across Marilyn Santos-De Lima @ AFKN Filipino Art Community and viewed her albums and said to myself, she can be an inspiration to all Pinays here and abroad. So I asked her ifRead more

KIMNETIX NETWORX: Celebrates Life in Art and So Much More

Filipino art online communities provide a wide range of opportunities for supporting a cause, marketing the creative, or building an open source of realization that Filipino artist can also succeed in the hard to crack world of art. These Filipino art communities help others see that they are as good as their Western counterparts.  Kim Marcelo’s advocacy, Kimnetix and AFKN’s founder – Wine Merchant, PR and Marketing Consultant, and Event Organizer–aims to help our own as much as he can.Read more

Featured Artist: Marivel Mari-Galang

HER ART is her way to experience the pleasure and fulfilment that comes with the positive creation concept of colors, textures, techniques and evolution of form from its start to end. This dedicated homemaker of a banker found peace of mind and her heart rooted in art while keeping a watchful eye on her children who constantly dote on her. She is presently the founding member and treasurer of UWAAP (United Women’s Art Association of the Philippines). Her challenging healthRead more

Featured Artist: Lord Ahzrin Bacalla

SHEER GRIT and TALENT in painting is what got one kid visual artist, Lord Azhrin D. Bacalla, closer to his dreams after being discovered and sponsored to his schooling now at Navotas Science High School. It is his dream to inspire all Filipino kids to dream big and never give up. According to our Facebook chat, he mentioned that with hard work and determination, he knows one day he will succeed in life as a painter. It is in theRead more