The Happiness formula is WRONG!

Jennifer Bichara:

I totally agree with Tanguyenable about the Happiness formula but do not agree about him being a failure. Sure still searching for the Big H but don’t consider myself a failure….


Originally posted on tanguyenable:

Now that you graduated and have fulfilled the wishes of your institution, community, society, your parents, are you happy? If you are, then good! If you are not, like 83% of the newly graduates (fake statistics, don’t flame me), who end up with no job, or worse yet, a job that does not even require a high school diploma. So how does that makes you feel?

Anyways, my point is that the formula for success is not working. Notice in the picture to the side, that Happiness is a RESULT! It is not a part of the process, nor is it guaranteed at the end.

So, is there a backup plan for the great Success and Happiness formula, if the formula happens to fail? I don’t know about you, but I had to take a good look around (the web) in order to find inspiration and some sort of motivation…

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