Sleek Bamboo Concept Car Is Woven, Not Factory-Made : TreeHugger

Sleek Bamboo Concept Car Is Woven, Not Factory-Made : TreeHugger.  A world renowned furniture designer, Kenneth Cobonpue, has designed what must be the first and only bamboo and rattan car in the world. It took months to make the design, with a design apprentice from Germany helping develop it. Cobonpue’s interior crafts firm accepts apprentices from different countries. It took 10 days to build the car in Cobonpue’s factory in Cebu. Awesome!Read more

Do a good deed when you are down and out!

Usually on Mondays, I would just rest to prepare myself for work. Now that I am unemployed, I did not have anything to do this morning. To make myself feel good, I decided to do a good deed since I am a bit down and depressed. Instead of going to a high end SPA place. I might as well have a blind masseur massage me. So I went there, had a full body massage (1 1/2 hours) for only P250.00Read more