Mamma Mia

The day off

I left my place around 4:30 pm so I can enjoy the sunset at Harbor Square. The cab ride was fine not till we hit Taft Avenue and when we got to Roxas Blvd., the traffic halted.  Apparently, there was a religious event going on at Roxas Blvd so we turned around and followed the government envoy to beat the traffic. Nearing CCP, I got fed up and asked the taxi driver to drop me off and just decided to walk to Harbor Square to get dinner prior to the show.  Wearing a black dress and wedges, I walked a block or two and zigzag my way to cross the heavily trafficked road.   When I got to Harbor Square, I ended up choosing Boy Teriyaki. Unbeknownst to me, most of the cast of Mama Mia were there having dinner too. When I found out who they were, I asked for a picture with them and talked with them for a bit.  The food was alright but the service at Boy Teriyaki sucked. (I will never go back there again!) Pity the waitress there because, she was the only one running around the busy restaurant.  Only ordered crunchy salmon salad since I was worried I won’t make it.  After dinner, headed straight to CCP and proceed to 4th Floor, purchased myself a binoculars and proceeded to my assigned seat. Paying PHP350 for the taxi each way was well worthit…………………..No regrets as it’s a lifetime of memories.


Set in a Greek island paradise, Mamma Mia! tells the story of a daughter’s quest for the identity of her father that culminates on the eve of her wedding. There are three prospects that her mother has kept secret from her for 20 years. Thanks to an old diary, she brings these three men together to the island where they once more meet her once carefree mother. Written by British playwright Catherine Johnson, Mamma Mia stages the musical based on the songs by 70s Swedish pop group ABBA, which were composed by the band’s former members, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.

Thank you Mamma Mia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Mayris says:

    I so love the movie and the songs. I’m sure it was a blast watching the musical live. Wow, you’ve met and greet the cast! so lucky of you!!!


    1. Thanks, I had a blast…Yes, I accidentally lucky about meeting the cast. I went by myself but still enjoyed the show. It was worth-it………….


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