Churchill and El Glaoui

‘Les Trois Calèches’, 1969-70, by Hassan El Glaoui 

The great Winston Churchill met Hassan El Glaoui, who was the son of Hadj Thami El Glaoui (Pasha of Marakesh), during one of his 1943 trip in Marrakesh. He saw the young Hassan’s work in his dad’s office and encouraged his father to let him pursue art.  Originally, his dad wanted him to be an architect but he allowed him to be a painter instead. Thanks to Winston Churchill’s keen eye, the direction of the young artist future changed. Back then, it was uncalled for a Berber tribesman to engage in such activities. Hassan El Glaoui became a world renowned artist of Contemporary North African Art.

I love the softness of his art – the soft pastel colors that blend with the dessert scenery. If only I can bring myself to London right now, to see 24 paintings, nine by Churchill whose work has never been seen alongside another artist’s work.

Great Art! Great history!

Genie in the bottle, please fly me over to Leighton House Museum before March 31 2012.


Cavalcade, 1924 by Hassan El Glaoui 

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