Seo Young Deok’s bicycle chains

Nothing but stunning work!

Roberta Cucchiaro


Seo Young Deok

I just found out today about Korean artist Seo Young Deok because he was featured in The Telegraph’s Picture of the Day. His sculptures attracted my attention not only for their peculiar beauty, but also because of the unusual way they are made and the extremely bizarre material used: bicycle chains!

Seo Young Deok’s focus is on the human body and its formation. He is very young as he just graduated from the department of Environmental Sculpture, University of Seoul, in 2010. Particularly on the spot light has been his solo exhibition ‘Dystopia’ which took place at the INSA/Arko Art Centre in Seoul in October 2011 and showed his incredible nude sculptures, some lying on the ground, some hung on the walls, all made by using welded metal chains in order to model them linking them piece-by-piece. The fast-paced cities of the East Asian countries…

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