Creative People for Hire: Rise of the Right Brain

A review

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future 

by Daniel Pink

I am a right brainer working in the left side brain of the world. Of course, that’s where the action is for bread and butter. I understand that the left side of the brain deals with a problem or situation by collecting data, making analyses, and using a rational thinking process to reach a logical conclusion while the right side of the brain approaches the same problem or situation by making intuitive leaps to answers based on insights and perceptions.  The left brain tends to break information apart for analysis, while the right brain tends to put information together to synthesize a whole picture.

Knowing that the Western World is changing, Daniel Pink argues that our way of life is narrowly reductive and deeply analytical.  In the age of abundance and advancement, many people are turning towards non-material cravings. Pink does make good sense since there are new demand for skilled in R-brained careers that focus on narrative, emotional reverberation, workmanship and meaning. Pink calls this Conceptual Age, people in typically left-brained careers must look to the right brainers. What there needs to be is wholeness: An integration of left and right brainers to help with the ever changing world.

So left brainers, give some right brainers some good slack. Do not turn your backs on them, we right brainers could save you!


Love the book…

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  1. Thanks Sophy for liking my post…


    1. YES YES YES……………


  2. I think you probably have got both sides going pretty darn well


    1. Yes, well explained. 😉


  3. Thanks Craig for liking my post..Yes, we need right brained people to fuel the world right now especially what we are experiencing with the world economy.


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