Anguish Art always sells…Why? Because we all can relate to it…

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So it seems Sotheby’s has a true art icon up for grabs! On May 2, the New York City auction house will be auctioning Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch’s iconic “The Scream” which is being estimated to fetch at least $80 million!

The artist made four versions of the painting that feature a screaming figure standing on a long bridge. The painting is characterized by frightening, almost vicious, swirls of colour that seem to represent the artists’ anxiety and emotion. The version up for grabs is from the private collection of  Norwegian businessman, Petter Olsen, a friend and patron of the troubled artist.

“The Scream” was painted as part of the artists’ series The Frieze of Life that delved into an odyssey of love, death, fear, anxiety, and melancholia.

Growing up in rural Norway with a strict religious father, Munch describes his childhood as the seeds for his adult turmoil- …

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  1. I agree. The art I have the most difficulty with is this trend of hyper-hyper realism. The biggest compliment it can receive is that ‘it looks just like a photograph’, which is absurd because it begs the question, ‘then why not just take a photograph’?

    This painting is a painting.
    This takes what’s inside and wraps it around a brush and swirls it onto a surface and turns a canvas into a beckoning, wordless plea, drawing out of the viewer a response based on our own knowing–our own experience of feeling private feelings in public spaces.

    I am very glad you posted this.
    All that said, I still wouldn’t want it on my wall.


    1. I guess people are drawn into anguish art but I don’t just get it…Even if I had all the money in the world, I would not pay $80,000,000 dollars on that painting..I would rather buy art from struggling artist on a positive subject 😉


  2. George Weaver says:

    I agree. The Scream looks like something a demented old person or a very unhappy and rather careless teenager painted when his Saturday night date stood him up! Sorry. I love paintings, etchings, all kinds of art. This value of this one always eluded me. 😉


    1. I don’t get it too! Even if I had all the money in the world, I would not pay $80,000 million for that..I would used to put that money in creating jobs or feeding the poor…Well, that is my take with it.


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