Great shot!


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  1. what a dear dear photo.


    1. The photo was taken in my country..Freedom is the goal!


      1. oh! My partner Raul is from Lati! — but lived more recently in Bulacan. I visited there three years in a row. Now he’s a nurse here–we met online in 2003 and I was able to sponsor him and he came here (canada) in 2007. I am busy making sinagang right this minute!


      2. Oh wow! So cute..tell him kamusta 😉 Filipinos make great lovers…


      3. Enjoy the Sinigang


      4. I hate it actually. Tamarind is not my favourite because I’m not a lover of sour tastes. I like all the others: Calderetta, Tinola, Adobo, and am usually the one to make them. We make lots of rice and pancit and then sing karaoke in the rec room. My favourite song to sing is Kahit Isang Saglit because it is so beautiful and so sad. The best singers on earth are Filipino. Just look at Charice–and she’s just one! Sarah Geronimo, Sasha, Lani, Martin, Sharon, Arnel, the list is endless.


      5. I salute you for knowing how to cook Filipino..Raul did a very good job 😉


  2. Thanks Andy for the like 😉


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