Pham and Her Gold Fish

Love the story…truly inspiring. Especially the mothers advice to her daughter… “You need a larger aquarium in your life. When you’re not contented with what you’ve accomplished, it’s mainly because you’ve grown so much that you have to find a much bigger aquarium. It is now time for you to embark on a new course of life.”

Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subhan Zein

An offer from a big telecommunication company in Vietnam took place and proved it easy for a girl with fluency in English and French like Pham Thi Nguyen to find a decent job.

To congratulate her beloved daughter’s achievement, Pham’s mother bought her a tiny aquarium with a gold fish in it. Receiving the gift in excitement, the lovely girl made the fish her good friend. She named him, “Vinh”.

Like a butterfly, time flew to witness Pham excelling at her job. To no one’s surprise, the girl was promoted within just two years. Everyone thought that she must be happy, but in fact she wasn’t. She did not feel contented. In front of her mother she confessed that even though working in the company gave her good money, she felt that she was going nowhere. After learning so much in the past two years, she felt there was nothing…

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