Lancôme and YouTube Phenom, Michelle Phan

I sure need some tutorial

High Fashion Social

I always have wondered how people wade through millions and millions of videos to find a few they like and share with friends.  How does one video stand out from a clutter of millions to go viral? How does any one “YouTuber” get millions of views when there may be others out there with similar videos? With over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month, 4 billion videos viewed each day, over 3 billion hours of videos viewed each month and more videos uploaded to YouTube in one month than three US networks created in 60 years (, it amazes me how any one video can truly stand out and make its mark and yet there are those videos that truly do make an impact and even those regular YouTubers that gain a following.

Enter Michelle Phan, one YouTuber who has stood out in the clutter, gained…

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