Pregnant Woman in the Train

I got so pissed when I saw a pregnant woman standing in the MRT Train heading North of Edsa. At first, I did not noticed her but when I realized she was pregnant, I asked her do you wanna seat? She said no I am okay which was a typical answer for Filipinas.  However, I did not listen to her and looked around the train and “yelled pregnant lady in the train.” Immediately a 50sh man stood up while I slowly guided her to the seat. The lady smiled and said thank you to me when I left the train.  I had run ins with people in the Western world too like the one in Union Station in Los Angeles, I pointed my finger to a man and told him to stand up and offer his seat to a senior citizen. Even in the bus, told a man off to let an elderly seat.  One told me, I was raised well by my parents.

One word of advice, if you are running about and see a pregnant or elderly person, give them priority seat right away or Chuck Norris might fly over you and whoop your cocky eyed good bye.

23 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman in the Train

  1. What blows me away, is when people jump for a seat perfect for elderly or pregnant and pretend to not notice someone needs it. 😦 kudos on going the extra mile 🙂


      1. Same here, the other day I saw some jackass sit on a handycap chair texting. Meanwhile an elderly lady who could barely stand on her cane was holding onto the pole. I gave the guy a good push and he goes “WHAT!?” and I said “Looking tired there! how do you think she feels!?” guy grudingly gave up his seat. What is wrong with people these days huh?


      2. Oh yeah! You still get several points added to your reduce my sins bucket so when you die, Saint Peter will deduct those points to speed up your process to heaven. Your ticket to heaven.


  2. Every does that! Unwilling to give up their seat because they reason, there are plenty of other people not giving up their seat, why me? People are so unbelievable sometimes.


      1. And you have every right to do so. I think in a society with less, people tend to give more. Unfortunately, with our society where we have too much, people tend to be selfish in each and every way possible. I too am guilty. ohh the shame…


      2. I totally agree. Not saying I am perfect but when I see something that is wrong, you will definitely hear a word from me. To think in Asia, we value values but because of modernization, people forget. So sad!


  3. There is far too much inconsideration by other people on public transport. I am heartened when I see posts like this to remind people about it. Well done 🙂


  4. I know that signage! I seen it at every train and bus here in Singapore and yeah I dont sit much on the train or bus unless it is like really empty, if not I wont, I prefer standing and let others seat! 😉 Great Job and Post! 😉


    1. Thanks for the compliment. I grabbed the picture from Google. Did not bring my phone with me that day so I don’t really have the actual picture. I have two pet peeves, one is a standing pregnant woman while commuting and the other, is using the phone while driving.


      1. Woah cool! It is okay that you didnt bring your phone, you still did a great job! You are one of those good citizens which I myself might not have done it. 😉


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