Dare to be different!

I totally agree with the author of this post.

Don’t try to be your not.

Just be yourself.

We are meant to be in this world uniquely.



A common sight around here in the north is a cowherd driving his herd of cows and sheep along the road. This can be quite a nuisance especially when you are in hurry to get somewhere. No matter how much you honk your horn, the herd just continue to tread lazily across the road.

Interestingly, it is not only cows that move in herds, we humans also have this herd mentality. The evidence of this is seen in the choices we make everyday. Anytime we hear, “everybody’s doing it” we see the herd mentality at work. While in most cases, conforming to the norm is harmless, in some cases, it can be seriously destructive. For example, the issue of drugs and sex among young people today is largely due to this herd mentality. Within the church, the herd mentality severely limits the progress and prosperity of God’s people.

Now God…

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