If you can build buildings………..

There is nothing wrong about building buildings but often we human beings are so wrapped up into our busy lives that we tend to forget what really matters in life. People have invested on amassing wealth, prestige and success but often fail and ignore their love ones. In death, the buildings won’t shoulder you when you die but your family will.

Celebrate family, friends and life before building buildings.

In a way, do not really agree on Philip Johnson’s quote.

What do you think?


Sourced Picture: ilikearchitecture.net

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  1. danbohmer says:

    Some people gain peace & contentment by doing. Mr. Johnson apparently never learned the art of enjoying do nothing…and that’s ok to me. The folks I grow tired of are the ones that constantly bitch & complain about how busy they are & they wish they could take a break, etc, etc., etc. I say, either learn to enjoy being busy or learn how to take the time to learn to relax. But either way, STFU about how busy you are & how much you don’t like it!

    So bottom line, people should quit complaining & learn to enjoy the life they make for themself.


    1. Yes, I totally agree with yah. The complainers, I try to avoid them. They suck the life out of me. They are like vampires who subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures like us. 😉 Hey, come on, chill out. Stop complaining about life; if you are not happy about being busy, change your life then.


  2. It reminds me of an old New Yorker Magazine cartoon of a CEO on vacation and he’d built himself a huge desk made out of sand, complete with telephone, and was sitting at it in his shorts and sunglasses.


  3. mysterygirrl says:

    I am more of a person who enjoys work with a sip of leisure! after doing a hard core job even if thats giving my regular exams- i need a brake after that. This is true that we’re not going to take buildings along with us in the grave not even any thing else. But by foegrtting the ones we loved , we wont be able to LIVE our lives in a REAl manner!


    1. We always need a break or else life will be redundant and boring….Like recently had a very stressful training so my gift to myself is straightening my hair Thanks for agreeing about building buildings, its all about finding balance in life. and setting priorities. Love your blog and will definitely follow. 😉


      1. mysterygirrl says:

        awww… thank you so much! ❤ thank you for following and i loved your blog too.. and yes! you look so beautiful! 🙂


      2. Wow so sweet..
        Thanks for the following
        And Namaste to you!


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