Please don’t use the cell phone while driving!

Yesterday while heading home, the taxi driver used the cell phone while driving.  I immediately told the driver to stop using the cell phone. I also told him since it was his son who called, do you want your son to loose his father early? So all throughout the ride, he left the phone ringing and never answered the phone.  His response in Tagalog was your right, your right!

I don’t get it, why people need to communicate right away even knowing that talking and texting people while driving can cause accidents and even deaths. If you are really anxious to talk to the caller, stop and answer the call. Don’t multitask! Think about how many lives your saving if you are using your common sense. Think about the pain and agony of the victims you had cause. Also, your irresponsibility could hurt your very own family and cause financial burden to them and to the victims as well.

So please, turn-off your IPhones, Blackberrys & cell phones if you are driving!

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