The Benefits of Bilingualism –

The Benefits of Bilingualism –

Bilingual speakers are better able to deal with distractions than those who speak only a single language, and that may help offset age-related declines in mental performance, according to researchers.

Do you think so?

7 thoughts on “The Benefits of Bilingualism –

  1. Being unilingual, I have no capacity for handling distractions and well past losing it–my partner on the other hand speaks a couple of Philippine dialects as well as Tagalog and now beats me in Scrabble and though a very busy nurse, is rarely disturbed by multiple demands happening at once. So I’m the red faced one with the blue nose, and he’s the one with the green brain and little smile.


    1. So cute 😉 I too am bilingual. I speak Tagalog and English and fully understand Bicol Dialect but don’t speak it but like you, don’t have the capacity for handling distractions…However, it really depends on my mood. Sometimes, I am like your partner when focused but sometimes, not.


  2. I am bi-lingual, but I am broken in both language 😀

    I came to the United States at a young age. So i learned Vietnamese till 4th grade. When I learn English here, my grammar got all messed up. I am struggling with my tenses. Threw away my confidence when it comes to this part.


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