Theory of the Dipper and the Bucket

  • Each of us has an invisible bucket. It is constantly emptied or filled, depending on what others say or do to us. When our bucket is full, we feel great. When it’s empty, we feel awful.
  • Each of us also has an invisible dipper.
  • When we use that dipper to fill other people’s buckets — by saying or doing things to increase their positive emotions — we also fill our own bucket.
  • But when we use that dipper to dip from others’ buckets — by saying or doing things that decrease their positive emotions — we diminish ourselves.

A full bucket gives us a positive outlook and renewed energy. Every time we fill the bucket, it makes us stronger and more optimistic about life. However, the opposite poisons our outlook, lessens our energy, and undermines our will. A negative person that dips from the bucket can hurt us and lessen our drive to be productive. It is our choice every moment of our life to fill or dip from another’s bucket. It’s an important choice that affects every aspects of our lives.

Bucket Filling

Those who receive regular recognition and praise increase their individual productivity; increase engagement among their colleagues and peers; are more likely to stay with their organization; receive higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers and have better safety records and fewer accidents on the job.

Positive emotions protect us from, and can undo the effects of, negative emotions fuel resilience and can transform people; broaden our thinking, encouraging us to discover new lines of thought or action; break down racial barriers; build durable physical, intellectual, social, and psychological resources that can function as “reserves” during trying times; produce optimal functioning in organizations and individuals and improve the overall performance of a group when leaders express more positive emotions.

Pretty much negativity zaps the life out of you while positive enforcement brings life out of you as simple as that. Its your choice to be a life giver or choose to be a professional bloodsucker.

Sourced Book: 

How Full Is Your Bucket?: Positive Strategies for Work and Life

by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton

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  1. Thanks, Jenny, for always always always filling our buckets.


    1. Thanks so much..your beautiful and sweet compliment just made my day. 😉


  2. Jenny, I nominated you for the Sunshine award 🙂 Congrats and have a wonderful day!


  3. get wso says:

    Thank you, I have just been looking for information approximately this topic for a while and yours is the best I have discovered so far. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you certain in regards to the source?


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