The More Facebook Friends You Have, the More Unhappy You Probably Are

The More Facebook Friends You Have, the More Unhappy You

Probably Are.

I only used Facebook mainly to keep up with Family. However, I do have friends in high school I keep a close watch. I try to avoid voicing opinions though on anyone, issue or place. Not necessarily unhappy.

What do you think?


12 thoughts on “The More Facebook Friends You Have, the More Unhappy You Probably Are

  1. Hi Jen. I started facebook to keep a sneaky eye on my kids lol, then friends found me and it was exspanding, now i have more on line f/b friends then i do real friends 🙂 For me, f/b is good, I have many copd /emphysema f/b pages where i met great people made wonderful friends,plus i have there a transplant page that a friend brought me into, now theres people as far as england in there that iam now friends with.So, it has its been interesting ,without the drama lol.


    1. Yes I totally agree with you. Facebook is plainly for fun and to keep a close watch of your kids. Its also one way to meet people and long lost friends. Its really how you used your Facebook.


      1. absolutly agreed jen,which i always say everything happens for a reason, now that iam stage 4 copd end stages emphysema, f/b has pages for that, we educated ourselfs from our own experiences,from our drs experiences, I also belong to a transplant page there. w/o them, I wouldnt be a confident going threw all this so, yea its got its advantages & disadvantanges like everything eles i guesss. 🙂


    2. So true and totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Also, I would like to thank you for finding me because I am a smoker but find it hard to quit.
      I have been trying to quit so many times but reading your blog made me think twice.


      1. ad i can shed some light jen, anything you need tip ,peep talks ,iam all ears, dont be shy,& thank you very much. you can do it, i started at 12 yrs old, at 52 i thought okk enough, but look at how iam paying for it., but you live and learn, some are slow learners ,lol like me !! :))


  2. I originally got on FB to keep in touch with family all over the world, but with all the other “friends” from other years of my life (it is like looking at my diary!) and with all the stupid game apps like Farmville, the home feed is so cluttered it is hard to see what some of the family are doing. And they are not as faithful to use it to stay in touch as to just play games. So even though it is some fun, it is taking less and less of a place in my connections.


    1. I don’t really like Facebook anymore. The only thing why I keep it because of family and friends all over the world. Thank God there is blogging! Blogging surpassed my addiction of Facebook. Thanked God for Blogging since you get to nurture your own site and treat it like your own. I totally agree with you.


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