10,000 Hour Rule to Perfection

Practice makes perfect.  One cannot expect to be great without trying and trying.  It takes time, perseverance and determination to be the best of who you are. The problem with society is that they expect you to be great right away. Wait for the flower to bloom before making judgement.

Source Book: Outliers: The Story of Success

by Malcolm Gladwell

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  1. Quizoxy says:

    My goodness, make great sense. I hate it when people expect me to be able to do it like a professional whenever I pick up something new.


    1. Yup, it really sucks!


  2. Hey Jenny, seems we are on the same wavelength today… Wish you a good weekend!


    1. Thanks for the like and agreeing with my post.
      Have a good weekend too!


  3. I always say, Aim at progress rather than perfection. This way you can appreciate the baby steps toward a goal and lessons learned along the way. Great post.


    1. Thanks for liking my post and yes I agree, we should aim for the progress of our baby steps in order to achieve our goals in life.


  4. Sophy says:

    This is so true. When I was younger I thought that everyone except me were excellent at everything, but now when I’m older I have realized that everyone just trying as hard as they can, and that is more than enough. It might seem like a trivial insight, but it made all the difference for me.


    1. Hi Sophy…It actually also made a difference to me too..


      1. Sophy says:

        I think it’s that kind of insight that makes us rise from the ashes as stronger individuals. It’s so easy to forget your own uniqueness, but it’s there nonetheless. In the end, everything turns out for the best.


      2. Hello Sophy,

        Yes, definitely. It keeps as unique human beings. It helps us ride above the tides. For instance, it would take 10 years of practicing 3 hours a day to become a master in your subject. It would take approximately 5 years of full-time employment to become proficient in your field. Simply work out how many hours you have already achieved and calculate how far you need to go. You should be aiming for 10000 hours. I still have a long way to go but I will get there.

        Happy weekend to yah!


  5. Luke Heikkila says:

    Big fan of Gladwell…thank you for making me pause and think about the rule of 10,000 today…


    1. Your welcome..love him too 😉


  6. Cee Neuner says:

    I love the outliners and live by the 10,000 hours!!


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