Do a good deed when you are down and out!

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Usually on Mondays, I would just rest to prepare myself for work. Now that I am unemployed, I did not have anything to do this morning. To make myself feel good, I decided to do a good deed since I am a bit down and depressed. Instead of going to a high end SPA place. I might as well have a blind masseur massage me. So I went there, had a full body massage (1 1/2 hours) for only P250.00 (around $5.00).  I also got everybody lunch. They all loved the barbecue meals from Mang Inasal.

It really helps, when you are down and out. Do something to help the needy.

It makes all the difference.

6 thoughts on “Do a good deed when you are down and out!

  1. Jenny I just read your blog and I’m so sorry to hear about your job situation. I can only imagine this is a difficult time. I think better opportunities await someone with an inspiring blog like yours. Godspeed on you finding your niche. Best. Nareen


  2. Dear Jenny, you are so right in that mentality. Doing something nice to someone else who is in need will bring a smile and happiness into our psyche and mindset. You will definitely find a better job opportunity. Remember this words: God have something better in mind for you. All the best!



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