If we would indicate an idea which, throughout the whole course of history, has ever more and more widely extended its empire, or which, more than any other, testifies to the much-contested and still more decidedly misunderstood perfectibility of the whole human race, it is that of establishing our common humanity — of striving to remove the barriers which prejudice and limited views of every kind have erected among men, and to treat all mankind, without reference to religion, nation, or color, as one fraternity, one great community, fitted for the attainment of one object, the unrestrained development of the physical powers. This is the ultimate and highest aim of society. 

WILHELM VON HUMBOLDT, Alexander von Humboldt’s Kosmos

Source picture: Malaika Ali @ Google+

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  1. Very nice… oh and thanks for the like on “I got a story like that”. If you have som words of wisdom, I’d love for you to share them there, I like your thinking;-) Have a fun day Jenny!


    1. No problem and same to you. I am actually thinking of what to say 🙂 Will do soon………


      1. Oh, very cool! Looking forward to it!


      2. will do tomorrow 😉


  2. Cee Neuner says:

    If we all could still live through the eyes of children. Wonderful!! i love it!


    1. Only to children children sing,
      Only to youth will spring be spring.
      ——-RALPH WALDO EMERSON, The Harp

      Happy blessed weekend…..


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