Models are made!


I stumbled upon this great video at my Google+ stream. Many young teenagers compare themselves with the glamorous images of models they see in print media. In the fashion photo shoot, Stephan Bollinger discussed what impact this has to some girls, and how it can influence their self confidence, self image and self esteem. He decided to create this short video, showing what steps the models go through to transform from regular girls to amazing fashion models, and to help those not familiar with the photography industry to understand, what they do to create the perfect illusion.

Great message!

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  1. I don’t have lot of knowledge on beauty but I want to share it with my girl friend:)


    1. Same here, don’t know much about beauty but this message is truly universal.


      1. That’s true my friend lets make it universal beauty tips:)


    2. Sure spread the word 😉


  2. I’ve showed this to my daughter. Educational this post sure is.
    That photographer really cares about young girls.
    Thank you.


    1. Your welcome Paula! Truly very educational..


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