I am nearing the light at the end of the tunnel

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel

I feel that I am getting closer and closer

To my sincerest heart

I know, good will come my way soon

I can feel the breeze

I now know

How I want to shape my world

Tomorrow I begin

To paint my universe

~Jenny Bichara

Source Photos: Marcelo Almeida 

10 thoughts on “I am nearing the light at the end of the tunnel

      • Thanks Lance. Its actually easier to find jobs here. However, I want something I can cultivate. I will still look for work but won’t apply till July because of my family reunion and I want to by time to cultivate this side business. I have taught my family what to do…I might as well, start one since I know. If this side business grows. Then, that is the time, I quit. I am ready.


  1. They say Jen,follow your dream !
    Jump over the moon and reach for the stars.:)
    The light is right there in front of you, just grab it and go.:)
    At the end, nobody no matter what happens, can anyone say
    you didnt try your hardest.If anything,Iam sure you will hear alot of…What a success you are!! 🙂 good luck Jen.


    • Thank you so much Joannei!
      Truly wanna cry with your very uplifting words..
      I struggled in life and am tired of it…
      So I will start something and see where it leads me…
      I will work on this first and my next goal will be to quit smoking.
      You inspire me!


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