My Day in 168 Divisoria

Spent my day in 168 Divisoria. Oh, boy did I walk…Divisoria is not what I remembered.  Feels like Hong Kong. Everything is made in China and prices are very cheap. Best to start early if you intend to shop there but I came pretty late as I don’t really start my day till 1:00 pm. The ride there was easy just took the train and the jeep. Will try Quapo next, maybe have my palms read.

If I ask everybody to check everything they have and see what’s not made on China; I bet you will have a hard time. Try it!

According to Chinese Canton pronunciation, 168 means EE (1) Lu (6) Fa (8) One road to luck. One of Chinese lucky number.

Camera shy…I had to buy a bag so I can have them smile and pose for me….

So there, got me a bag, I love New York City. Believe it or not, that was the only thing I purchased…Only window shopped…

Forgive my look here, not my best.

Feels like Hong Kong to me…tried it yummy…………….

Had HK Dessert too…Also, Coconut milk with Mango Topping. Super yummy!

More Buddha..give us luck

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice account of Divisoria.
    Makes me nostalgic of my college days where I used to
    visit the place with my classmates.

    Thanks for the post!


    1. Very nostalgic for me too.
      Divisoria is way different from my college days too
      That was a fun day for me

      Thank you and your welcome


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