If you are stuck, listen up…

Truly inspiring….An Invocation for beginnings

Live & Learn

Inspiring.  Catchy thump, thump, thump rhythmic cadence.  Hypnotic.  Worthy 3 minute clip.  A few of my favorite excerpts.

“This is an invocation for anyone who hasn’t begun to start, who is stuck between 0 and 1”

“Let me think about the people I care about the most.  Like when they fail or disappoint me, I still love them, I still give them chances, and I still see the best in them.  Let me extend the same generosity to myself.

“If I catch myself wearing a tutu – 2FAT, 2LATE, 2OLD, let me shake it off like…”

“Let me be not so vain to think that I am the sole author of my victories and a victim of my defeats…”

“Let me remember that the unintended meaning that people project on to what I do is neither my fault or something I can take credit for.”

“Let me not think of…

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  1. LediaR says:

    So I have come to expect excellence from you blog and so I found the same here this time.


    1. Thank you Ledia…Loved the video..very inspiring..Had watched it several times…One of my faves…..


      1. LediaR says:

        I look forward to the next inspirational blog.


      2. Thank you..Again, I found this on my spam box.


      3. LediaR says:

        You are welcome again. I was in the Spam can again. Oh, well. Maybe someday WordPress will pull me out of there.


      4. I found you again in the spam box..Thanks for the likes and the visits!


      5. LediaR says:

        You are very welcome. Here is a video that may help keep “wanted” comments out of spam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7z7GHlebxY
        Hope it works. If it doesn’t work, I will try to find a new one. I found a different one a while back, but can’t remember what the link was.


      6. Thank you so much
        I will find another way because all my settings are correct
        All the best, Jenny


      7. LediaR says:

        K, all the best to as well.


      8. I found two comments of one of my followers in the spam as well…


      9. LediaR says:

        I like the spam filter because it does keep out a lot of trash, but when it trashed comments we want to read, it can become very annoying. I was having the same problem with wanted comments going into spam, but I think I fixed it. Problem is, I don’t really remember how I did tit.


      10. Will one day fixed it…


      11. LediaR says:

        OK, I went to my settings-discussion section of wordpress and found a bunch of places to check boxes that might keep legitimate comments out of spam box. Go first to Dashboard, find Settings and then click on Discussion.


      12. All my settings are okay…will find another way


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