The Red Apron Food Blog

The Red Apron.

Gghie, my sister-in-law, wants to say thank you everyone for all the help naming her blog [previous post]. She finally chose “The Red Apron.” She wanted Daily Delights from Lance’s comment but there were many blogs with that name. She found all of them cute but finally settled with The Red Apron.

She is a Mom of two beautiful children and a wife to a great husband, my brother, who loves anything she feeds him. Owns Dulceria Maria, a Filipino pastry business based in Novi Michigan. She is not a chef but loves to cook on a pauper’s budget!

Please click the above link “The Red Apron.”

Thank you once again…from Gghie

My family 😉

10 thoughts on “The Red Apron Food Blog

  1. I’m gratified to know my suggestion was actually considered–but The Red Apron is genius. It is a great name with a great image. So now I will go and check it out. We need more Filipino pastry businesses! (Goldilocks shouldn’t be the only game in town)


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