Under the Camsur CWC Sun!

Enjoying my day with 3 of my nieces in Camsur Watersports Complex. Not too far away from my home, only about 20 minutes.  The prices are pretty reasonable, for P150 (about $5.00) one can go swimming in the complex. I tried wake-boarding last year but this time, opted out of it.  The kids just decided to go swimming instead.

Fun day with my fambam………..

18 thoughts on “Under the Camsur CWC Sun!

    1. Thanks Lance
      Very cheap and you get all the fun with it
      You see a lot of foreigners wake-boarding in CWC
      Fun place to unwind and relax
      Maybe when you come visit next, come to Bicol with your partner


      1. Yes, it would be fun! No plans though in the near future–Raul went back about two years ago. We also get ABS-CBN on out TV, so we watch all the shows (commercial free, too) everyday. So I know what Chris Aquino is cooking, and who Boy is interviewing, and who is breaking up and who is getting married etc. I listen to ASAP and all the singing. My favourites are Martin Nivera and Zsa Zsa and Jed Medala.


      2. LOL!

        Raul immersed you to the Filipino culture..Sometimes when I get a chance I watch TV and watch those shows so I know what people are talking about here…The actors, actress, models are way different from before I left. They are way more beautiful now.. Shocked at the growth and commercialization. Philippines has grown tremendously…When the bus made a stop over, I was surprised we stopped over McDonalds. Last I remember, it was just mountains, rice fields and the sea…

        Thanks alot,



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