My afternoon stroll in Naga City Market!

My first week in Bicol is mainly hanging out with my family specifically my nieces and nephew.  It was my sisters birthday today so while waiting for the food, I ventured out to the market and checked for abacá and pili products.

Most abacá fiber is pulped and processed into specialty paper used in tea bags, vacuum bags, currency, and more. It can be used to make handcrafts like bags, carpets, clothing and furniture. Abacá rope is very durable, flexible and resistant to salt water damage, allowing its use in hawsers, ship’s lines and fishing nets.

The pili nut is indigenous nut to the Philippines. The pili nut is most abundant in the Bicol region of the Philippines, a peninsula to the west containing the virgin rainforests of Mt. Bulusan. Here, amid untouched primordial woodlands, stand very old pili nut trees measuring some 50 meters high. Other areas of the Bicol region which contain the highly-prized nut include Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, Albay, Sorsogon, and Masbate.

More to come….


Source: Pili Org

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  1. marviiilous says:

    it looks just like traditional markets in Indonesia 🙂 nice shots!


    1. Thank you so much
      Thanks for the visit and liking my post


  2. Oh these photos are so great. I appreciate all the information you give about this pili and abacá. I don’t know anything about these. Please tell me, what is that hanging from a necklace or straps in photo #2?


    1. I have no idea..Looks like a chicken to me… Did not realized it, I just snapped the picture. The chicken took me by surprise. Sorry 😉 Looks really weird and out of place..


      1. Thank for pointing that out for me


  3. It seems you’ve been around Naga City.
    Nice to be back in one’s hometown,
    even for a short sojourn.

    Enjoy your stay, Jenny.
    Feast on our pili nuts, Bicol express
    and lots more ethnic delights.


    1. Yes I am very much enjoying Bicol
      My hometown
      Best, Jenny


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