You are special Poem [Guest Post fr]

never give up dont worry each day
we all get tested in life each day

keep smiling and stand tall
life is worth living even if you find it a bore

we all have something to offer the human race
we all have part to play in this amazing play

smile in the morning smile at night
the warmth will glow with heavenly light

and life will be better and life will be bright
as the lord made us all special

and gave us all a guiding light

By: Kevin Newman

Source Photo: Elena Kalis

I would like to say thank you Kevin of for the wonderful poem he wrote to me about my mother on my missing you post. Will never forget this from the bottom of my heart. These are his words:

1st Poem:

A beautiful tribute
to your mum who loved you
your kind words like a beautiful sweet tune
a mothers love will never die
she has only moved over
to the otherside
she will always be there with you
smiling down and caring too
you may not see her
but she can see you
her warmth is there
and her memory too
as these dark clouds
will soon pass and sun will shine again
your smile will return and happiness
once again untill it does
remember those days
of smiles and laughter
and happy birthdays
these are what will help you through
as your morn your wonderful
mother and her beautiful memorys too

2nd Poem:

And there she would be waiting for you
her beauiful smile lighting up her face
her warmth and beauty in all its grace
awaiting you at the top of the stair case
to give you a warm hug
with lots of her love
the angels would dance and sing again
and bring you togther
once again
the heavens would light up
with a beautifull glow
as you and your mothers
love would show

      “No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.”

6 Comments Add yours

  1. lovely poem and sentiments.


  2. Thankyou Jenny this is most kind and such a lovely thing to do for someone else i have just read what you have written here and its most kind of you thankyou


    1. Just returning my gratitude


    1. Thank you Genie
      I feel the same way
      All the best, Jenny


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