First Grader Without Hands Wins National Penmanship Award

First Grader Without Hands Wins National Penmanship Award.

Despite being born without hands, first grader Annie Clark of Pennsylvania’s Wilson Christian Academy recently won the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellent Penmanship which is part of the Zaner-Bloser 21st Annual National Handwriting Contest. For winning, Annie will receive $1,000 and a trophy.

Very inspiring!

Thought of pressing this very touching article…Kudos to Annie who wants to be a writer…

Source Article: Laughing Squid

34 thoughts on “First Grader Without Hands Wins National Penmanship Award

  1. Reblogged this on LifeRevelation and commented:
    OH YEAH…now this is what I mean by encouragement! Nobody has informed this little girl about what she is unable to do…only encouraged her to do what she can do…and look where it has taken her.

    I got a idea…go out and find some little kid and say something encouraging to them…then just watch their faces light up…it will do your soul good…and who knows how encouraging it will be to them.

    Be encouraged!


  2. Jenny, This is AWESOME!!! I have reblogged it on LifeRevelation. This should be front page on every newspaper throughout the country. Look at her…she is doing it…what handicap…huh…that means nothing to her…if we could spread her motivation to other kids, we wouldn’t have any future worries…with her mindset, we WOULD find the answers to the world’s problems.

    Sorry to go for so long…but this little girl is truly a remarkable individual deserving of our praise.

    Be encouraged!


  3. I went over to laughing squid and watched the video…I’m writing this as the tears roll down my cheeks,..words do not do justice for how truly wonderful this young lady is…she is just a simple little girl with a very beautiful smile and attitude about life…truly humbling to those of us with excuses for why we haven’t done certain things in our lives.

    Jenny thank you again for posting this…you have REALLY made my day.

    Bless you.

    Be encouraged!


  4. …..
    Let me mention how impressed me your pictures?
    it’s amazing what we can do with the will!
    May say a normal person can not do something … I give her/him – 10 spla in the face and show him this photo’s girl.. ..sorry for my english. i hope that y’ll understand..:)


  5. I have enjoyed immensely reading your blog. As a writer I know you will understand if I am absent from making comments for a couple of months. I have two books I’m writing and the push is on to get them finished…so with only 24 hours in the day, I am going to continue to read and like, but my comments will be limited to replies for those who comment on my blog…thanks for the grace.

    Be encouraged!


    1. Sorry I was not able to answer back right away..Currently in a different town with my niece..In business and pleasure as well…Wow, 2 books…How exciting! Keep on writing and tell me the updates if okay. All the best, Jenny


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