Naga Carmelite Monastery

Going to the Naga Carmelite Monastery is like going back in time. When I was younger and everytime my family goes to Naga, we always make a point to come see the nuns. Parents and all the kids together with my long extended family. One thing I remember the most is their communion garlic flakes…The way they raise money for the monastery is by baking communion flakes for all the parishes.. The left over, they add garlic flavor powder to the flakes and sell it the public. As kids, we would get it free. My sister told me that they also sell the flakes to feed the Tilapia fish. When I got there the first time, I saw people buying big bags of discarded communion flakes to feed the fish. That was my biggest regret because it could have been a great photo op. Oh well, next time…

My aunt together with two other nuns would stay in our place every time they are in Manila to do business for the Monastery. They are the only ones allowed to get out of the monastery and so they usually stay with us. When my mother passed away, they offered the wake to be held in the monastery since my parents opened their home to them. Tita Ging was always there for all the family…She never turned her back on us.

For that, I dedicate this post to my dearest Auntie Ging. Thank you for everything.

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