Magayon Festival – Day 1 Checking on Bicol Trade Products

We feasted on bright and native colors earlier today at Magayon Festival in Legaspi Albay.  Me and my niece left for Naga about 9 am and did not get to Albay till a little after noon time. After settling down in the backpackers inn; we both grabbed some lunch at Biggs Diners in Pacific Mall and headed straight to the festival.

Magayon (Beautiful) festival is a month-long festivity this year. The festival main objective is to provide fun and excitement but also another opportunity to promote and enhance trade and tourism efforts for Albay, thus helping Provincial Government bring to fulfillment the socio-economic development and progress in Albay and the rest of the country. The month long festival will end on May 10, 2012.

Legazpi City, Albay is one of the Bicol Region’s top tourist destinations. It is where the Mayon Volcano, one of the Philippines’ most famous volcanoes is located. It is also a convenient embarkation point to other tourist destinations in the region such as the Cagsawa Ruins, the upscale resort of Misibis, Donsol, the site of one of the world’s largest annual migration of whale sharks and the white sand beaches of Sorsogon and Catanduanes.

Other places to go to and sights to visit include:

  • The Albay Park and Wildlife – This is a picnic grove and a park combined. It also serves as the home to 347 animals of 75 species.
  • Liberty Bell – Installed in 1945 by the American liberation forces at the Penaranda park, in front of Albay Provincial Capitol. It is made from bronze.
  • Japanese Tunnel – Used as an arsenal during the second World War, it measures 40 meters long and around 7 feet deep.
  • Magayon Art Gallery – Found at the lobby of the Albay Provincial Capitol and serves as the avenue for artists to show off their visual creations
  • Legazpi City Museum – Showcases the heritage and culture of the city. It is currently the only public museum in the Bicol Region.
  • Bicol Heritage Park – Located inside the Camp General Simeon Ola Headquarters. This is where you can find the statue of General Simeon A. Ola.
  • Ligñon Hill – Located behind Albay Park and Wildlife. One of the best places to view Mayon Volcano and Legazpi City is the Lignon Hill (also spelled as Ligñon Hill and pronounced as /li-NYON/). This 143-meter high cinder-cone hill located 11 kilometers southeast of the volcano’s summit is the highest location in the city’s downtown area and towers over the adjacent Legazpi Airport. A long and winding road crawls up the sides of Lignon Hill where there is an observation station constructed on top. This is where the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has a permanent station to observe Mayon.
  • Kapuntukan Hill (also known as the Sleeping Lion Hill) – This is the place to visit if you wish to have a view of the Legazpi Port District and the Albay Gulf.
  • Embarcadero – A major waterfront development in Legazpi that will become a destination for both local and international tourists alike. The masterplan maximizes the uniqueness of the location – the site fronts the main harbour of Legazpi with views to the Mount Mayon Volcano. Embarcadero comprises retail, restaurants, markets, a major civic space and landmark lighthouse, with a future waterfront hotel and spa. Embarcadero will “activate” the waterfront creating an attractive and vibrant focus for the city’s leisure and lifestyle activities. Embarcadero will function as a waterfront promenade, with theatrical lighting and performance spaces creating a lively, family friendly environment during the day and at night.

Legaspi and Tourism Source Article: Wikipedia, Magayon Festival

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  1. Stefania says:

    Jenny, these works are impressive!
    Very very nice! 🙂


    1. Thank you Stefania!


  2. ames. says:

    jealous. Hehe. cool pics! 🙂


    1. Thanks Ames
      All the best, Jenny


  3. Very interesting and lovely items. Thanks for sharing the local interests.


    1. Thank you and your welcome
      All the best, Jenny


  4. imexcited says:

    Lovely and colorful photos! I love it Jenny 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the like..
      Love the brightness
      All the best, Jenny


    1. I am having so much fun
      Thanks ‘)


  5. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing the colors and sightings from this festival. Is there a cultural connection with the artwork displayed during this festival? I am limited in my knowledge about Asian festivals and the meaning behind them. But, am always fascinated and interested in learning.


    1. Thanks you so much for liking my post.

      Magayon Festival is an annual festival in May that relives the legend of Mayon Volcano. The festival derived its name from magayon, from a Bicolano term which means “beautiful.” This celebration is held in honor of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria, Daraga’s patron saint. This legendary, historical and religious celebration aims to showcase the cultural life of the people of Daraga, Albay.

      The Legend of Mount Mayon that has been the center of the celebration of the Magayon Festival is about the tragic love story of Daragang Magayon, who is considered as the most beautiful damsel at her time in the Kabikolan and a tagalog warrior named Panganoron. Their tragic love affair was believed to caused the mounting of the Mayon Volcano. The death of Daragang Magayon bring about the Mount Mayon and the clouds and the rains that often visits it is believed to be the spirit of her lover Panganoron. The rocks, the scary sounds and the earthquake believed to be the spirit of the envious and selfish suitor of Daragang Magayon, Paratuga.
      The name of the municipality as well as the name of the mountain came from the name of the lead character of the legend, Daragang Magayon. Mayon was from the Magayon, which means beautiful and Daraga, which is the name of the municipality came from Dagarang.

      The celebration features cultural events, sports, and trade fairs. It is one way of enriching the culture of the people as well as giving venue to promote their products of Albay. The main focus of the celebration is the reenactment of the tragic love story of Daragang Magayon and Panganoron whose death gave birth to the Mayon Volcano.



  6. Thanks again, Jenny for promoting our Bicol products.
    We have lots of indigenous crafts and we are proud of what we make in the region;
    our Orgullo Kan Bikol (Pride of Bicol).

    May I share with you and your readers, my poem about our products:

    (OK Bikol; What We Make in Bicol)

    we make fine abaca products
    beautiful handicrafts
    our ceramic jars and houseware
    treasures precious and rare

    our furniture and furnishing
    lighten daily living
    christmas and holiday décor
    delight you more and more

    our baskets, rugs and mats today
    top sellers of the day
    lasa brooms and cotton handloom
    clean, brighten every room

    novelties, bags and fashion wear
    more than your heart can bear
    filigrees of silver and gold
    date back to days of old

    our pinangat plus our dried fish
    taste like no other dish
    sweet pineapple, coffee, pili
    hot as Bicol sili

    these and more, are what we have now
    these and more, buyers wow
    these delights beckon, ever more
    come to Bicol, find more.

    (c) 2007 Chito L. Aguilar

    * “Pride of Bicol”. The Bicol Region, Philippines is home to various fine handicrafts and superb, ethnic food. Our entrepreneurs produce distinct products from diverse indigenous raw materials, unique skills and inherent creativity for the domestic and export markets.


    1. Definitely
      If I can help and promote Bicol products
      Will do


  7. Everything is so colourful and lively!


    1. Yes very much so
      I had a feast of colours
      Happy day for me 😉


  8. Reina says:

    great writing Jenny, makes me want to visit the Phils–i would i really would if it wasn’t for my fear of flying. glad you’re enjoying yourself


    1. I almost missed your comment..I am enjoying and loving it here in Bicol. Lots of bonding with my nieces and nephew..


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