Magayon Festival with Giant Creatures

More pictures of the festival.  Enjoy!

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  1. Kate says:

    Love the Angry Beers picture. For about three weeks following the winter holidays I succumbed to playing this for several hours each day. Glad I broke this habit.


    1. Haha, just read your post about angry birds. Sorry if I was not able to respond right away as internet connection is really slow right now. Glad you broke the habit of angry birds. I never succembed to it..Not into games though..


  2. Hi Jenny,

    This post is a great tribute to Bicol’s folklore!
    Thanks for promoting our annual Magayon Festival.
    I’m sure you have happy memories to bring back with you
    when you return abroad.



    1. Thank you Chito
      Dai pa aku mahali
      Mabalos 😉


  3. i really like the top four photos


    1. Me as well
      Although, I also like the Angry Beers photo
      All the best, Jenny


  4. wow. did you see any nonos, manananggals, or a giant capri?


  5. I saw a tikbalang..Half man and half horse..LOL!


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