Cagsawa Ruins

Me and my niece left for Daraga Legaspi to see Cagsawa Ruins earlier today.  Unfortunately, Mayon Volcano was covered with clouds so I was not able to have a good shot of the volcano.  Because of the extreme heat and humidity, we did not stay more than an hour in Cagsawa Ruins…

The church of Cagsawa was built after 1724 by Franciscan friars under Fray Francisco Blanco in the small town of Cagsawa. It was supposed to replace an earlier church built in 1636 that had been burned down by Dutch Pirates. It was destroyed during the most destructive eruption of the nearby Mayon Volcano in February 1, 1814. The eruption killed an estimated 1,200 people in the surrounding areas and buried the town of Cagsawa (among others) under several hundred million cubic meters of ash.

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23 thoughts on “Cagsawa Ruins

  1. Great post and pictures, Jenny! The last time that we were there was in 2006 but then that was just after a super typhoon. I love Albay and the wonderful Bicolano dishes. 😉


    1. Hi Malou,

      Thanks for the visit. Did you try the restaurant Sibid Sibid..The best restaurant in Legaspi Albay. Nothing but seafoods…I will post them another time. I also tried..Bicol Express Pizza in Sorsogon in Mango grill. Not bad, it was very good actually. Bicol food is spicy similar to Thai Food..

      Mabalos Malou!


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