Nerd Fitness: 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones

Nerd Fitness: 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones.

For many years, Indiana Jones chased artifacts that he believed were real but he was questioned by everybody that these artifacts never existed. They even went out of there way to stop him because they believed it was not real.  Indiana Jones did not let others (naysayers) affect his plan because he believed in his heart that the stories were real. What a wonderful article about 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones..

I am about to make a decision —a change in my life…It is a difficult decision because it requires a belief, research, a plan, an alternative or and a deviation if it does not work out.  However,  I will pursue the dream..I will find a way to make it happen through research and an extensive plan to make it work.  It is a scary feeling but but but I must move forward and go for it. Starting a business is not as easy.  It requires a belief; requires study and a plan, alternative and a secondary resource just in case.

I will do everything to make my dream come true regardless what people will say.  I will be like Indy.

Source Article: LifeHacks

Source Photo: Kennymatic

12 thoughts on “Nerd Fitness: 5 life lessons from Indiana Jones

  1. Every journey begins with that first step. Wish I could claim that as my thought, but I can’t and I don’t remember who the quote belongs to. At any rate you have taken the first step – good for you! Now take another step…then another…then another…and so on until you have reached your goal. Do not give up, improving your life is worth the effort.


  2. Jenny follow your dream! Do not let anyone turn you from your path!
    Be deaf when negativistii pessimists, try to lose hope.
    I am sure you will succeed!
    I wish you luck !
    Jenny, a wonderful week-end! 🙂


  3. As Susan Jeffers said: ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!’ I wanted to start my own business for years but didn’t have a strong enough WHY. 9 years ago I discovered it, set my business and haven’t looked back since. Good luck to you, and find your WHY. 🙂


  4. Just follow your bliss, everything will fall into place. I am facing a lot of uncertainty and pressure now, I am just trying to stay afloat and not to fall apart as I am caught in the vortex of change. I keep telling myself – change is good, as long as I manage to keep my head above water. Good luck to you!


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