300+ Followers to date!

Wow, I cannot believe it. 300+ followers in 4 months! It started as a way to kill boredom and it became a full pledge hobby.

I have to say I am very happy and so totally surprised to have 300+ followers. Many thanks to all of you; many thanks to all the likes, sweet comments and the followings.

I will never forget this and am very grateful to all of you! You guys are my inspiration to finally make the change. Thank you followers and thank you WordPress.

To celebrate, I will plan a visit and hike to Mt Isarog and Malabsay Falls in the near future. In the vicinity of Naga City via the town of Panicuason, Camarines Sur, is the Mt. Isarog National Park.  The slopes of Mt. Isarog, a 1,976-meter dormant volcano, cover a vast base and contain many ravines. The 13-meter Malabsay Falls is worth the 45 minute hike (one way).

The pictures were taken many years ago and the boy swimming is my nephew. Its time to get back there again! Mt. Isarog and Malabsay Falls brings back memories of my family and my childhood days.

56 thoughts on “300+ Followers to date!

  1. ..and the circle continues to grow..
    Enjoy all of your upcoming trips..loving the pictures!!


      1. You are very welcome, Jenny. When I see that I have a post from you, I know gorgeous photos or inspirational article or video are waiting for me to enjoy.


      1. That sounds great! My post does not even do justice to Caramoan’s beauty.I have many other posts about it!My parents grew up there and it’s really close to my heart. I assure you will learn to love the place as I do.


      2. Your from Bicol too…oh wow what a coincidence!
        I am currently in Cam Sur right now
        Taking a break from the hectic life of Manila
        All the best from blogging
        Mabalos bayan!


  2. Congratulations, Jenny.

    I am sure you will have more followers to come.
    Enjoy your travels and adventures and make the most
    out of blogging.

    Cheers to you! Maurag talaga…


  3. Jenny, I congratulate you sincerely for the 300 Followers for all your posts so beautiful!

    Very beautiful are the pictures! Thank you so much to share with us.

    I wish more posts in the future as beautiful and happiness! big hugs! 🙂


      1. Jenny, I wish you God protect you and guide your steps and bless you with health, peace, happiness and much joy!
        All the best to life, Stefania! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. It is a lot of hard word but not complaining….Blogging is not just posting…one needs to also visit your followers and check their work religiously. I don’t mind because I do enjoy it. 🙂


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