Love Is Like A Flower

Love Is Like A Flower

Love is like a flower, beautiful and bold,
If this love is not nourished, it can be hard to hold.
Love like a flower, grows in the same way,
It blossoms and changes with each passing day.
Love is the tiny seeds that grows in our heart,
Hoping this love is a brand new start.
And when this flower shrivels and goes away,
If it is cared for it will bloom again someday.
If the love we felt seems to die,
With patience and hope we will find it again
In another`s eye.
So when love seems hopeless and you are afraid to try
Think about the beautiful flower under a blue sky
Love is like a flower, and it will grow to be,
A beautiful bouquet of love that will last all eternity. 

Source Poem: 2000 LLLee 

Source Photos: My uncle’s garden


18 Comments Add yours

  1. Stefania says:

    Very very nice! Beautiful lyrics … and incredibly beautiful photos.
    Thank you so much for having shared with us.
    Be blessed with happiness! 🙂


    1. Hello Stefanie,

      Your sweet comments
      lighten up my day
      Cheers to life and its beauty

      Jenny 😉


  2. Very nice. Beautiful pictures and words to make the heart smile. Thank you.


  3. 10talkspot says:

    Love is unconditional
    Love is pure
    It is just a way of life
    for that i m sure…


  4. Eric Alagan says:

    I love the poem – yes, love is all this as you say.

    I also love the pictures 🙂


    1. Thank you Eric for liking the poem and the pictures..


  5. whats that jackfruit doing in the middle of those nice pics? :-/
    nyway, nice post! 🙂


    1. Namaste Somesh!
      Out of place
      But love the photo
      so I thought to include it
      Thanks for the like



  6. chito says:

    Very colorful shots, Jenny.
    Thanks for this post.


    1. Thanks a lot Chito..The photos were taken in my Uncle’s Garden…


  7. the blossoming of beauty and buds everywhere
    love is like a flower we gaze at and stare

    it opens up and brightly warms a room
    even on cloudy day its colour is so beautiful when in bloom

    just love and life it comes from a seed
    like a heart it beats with beauty indeed

    when it finds another oneday
    it blooms so brightly in a blossoming way

    whilst on it journey with love and care
    it lives in happens along the way

    until it wilts and passes away
    then in spring it blooms again


    1. So nice Kevin
      Many thanks for the likes and kind words
      You are really blessed with words of magic

      Your friend, Jenny


      1. Hello Jenny i have written some poems as comment s on Clarabelles blog which you may enjoy also on Ladybluerose blog they both right beautiful words


      2. Thank you so much…will check booth them out..


  8. Currie Rose says:

    This is so very beautiful in every way. 🙂 Thank you. I feel like I’ve found a little piece of serendipity through this poem.

    Have a great night,


    1. Thank you Rose for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you were able to find serendipity through this poem about love…Love is indeed like a flower. All the best, Jenny


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