Kambing (Goat)

Love the pic with the goat (Kambing) looking at me. We were heading down from Malabsay Falls when we saw a herd of goats (Kambing in Filipino).  I got really excited because this is the first time I saw wild farm animals in Mt Isarog besides a Carabao. This is not Africa so to see something like this in the Philippines is truly magical. Well, at least for me.

32 thoughts on “Kambing (Goat)

  1. Great shots Jen! I like these kambings too, they look adorable especially the first photo. Namiss ko din mga madaming punong kahoy katulad nyan. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Marilou..So nice to see all the trees and plants, kasi in Manila hindi ganito..Madaming tao and masyado poluted. Taking a break from that and making use of the time to see nature…Seeing this today, felt like heaven…:)


  2. Lovely pictures, Jenny! Where are the pictures of Malabsay Falls? I remember going there to do tree planting on my last year in college. 😉


  3. These are wonderful.. I had a pet goat named “Junior” as a child..
    These remind me of him 🙂


    1. Thank you Noeleen for the visit, the like and most especially the sweet comment.Yeah, love all the pics especially the deer looking at me. Spending some time with nature is the best medicine ever. Jenny

      PS: Will visit 2 of your blogs pretty soon.


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