After the hike down Malabsay Falls…

The pictures were taken by the camping site.  You could see me smiling all the way. Nature gives me that I am in heaven feeling.

By this time, the boys were hungry, thirsty and tired from the trek. Filipinos when they go for an outing – food and drinks is included. Well, not me…The lighter the better.  Bringing your home with you is such a hassle.

Thinking where to go next..Perhaps Caramoan Islands..

Buying some drinks for the me and the gang……

buying 1 kilo avocados – You know what that is for? Avocado smoothie. …Yummy!

Fresh produce from Mt Isarog National Park

A Nipa Hut in the camping site

A rooster in the camping site

33 thoughts on “After the hike down Malabsay Falls…

  1. Jenny, the pictures are absolutely wonderful.
    You have a wonderful smile!
    Fresh products look great! And rooster perched very nice!
    I love your post!
    Have a wonderful evening, Jenny! 🙂


  2. Can I tag along? I wish I can one day follow your travels and adventures. So much fun. Beautiful photos that shows the warmth and colorful life of the Filipinos. Have a wonderful journey…


  3. I love all that you are capturing during your travels to the Philippines. Beautiful photos! How long are you there for? I’m Filipino and haven’t been yet. My siblings have but health issues and finances of course has prevented me from visiting. One day. Till thanks for letting me explore my homeland through your eyes~


      1. Thanks I’m hoping next year. I’ve been told instead of the Hawaii trip spend more on the plane ticket and less on on the food, lodging and entertainment when I get there. It will add up the same. I have so much family there. Including a brother I never met.


      2. They are right…Your family will take you around….When I came back, I was shocked on how much progress I saw…Completely different from what I knew. People change and mostly the landscape changed so still adjusting. 😉


  4. Great post, Jenny! Suddenly I miss the avocado and those lovely eggplants which I love to cook as omelet or just grilled with “bagoong”.


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