Atulayan Island


This day trip with my niece and our friend, Jake was spontaneous.  Had a late start and left the terminal in Naga City Central around 8:00 am..The bus ride took about two hours and had to take a Trycicle in Tigaon to Nato Port. From there, I hired a boat (Banka) for P700 ($16.50) and rented a Hut for P300 ($6.92).  The boat ride only took us 15 minutes from the Port of Nato. The island is located in Sangay Camarines Sur and was once the site of the French-Italian movie “Mutiny in the South Seas.” It is a paradise of an island…with its thick forest, coral reef and friendly Bicolano caretakers.

I say, I truly enjoyed this day trip with my niece. Nothing but adventure especially the part when we had to wash off in the balon (well) and changed behind a coconut tree.

Now, I am itching to see Bagasbas in Daet Camarines Norte..a 4 hour bus ride from Naga City.   It is known to be a surfing beach because of its waves….I plan to take my niece again tentatively this Saturday but will have to stay overnight if the plan pushes through. Would love to go to Caramoan but  it is currently close since they are shooting the Survivor USA in that chain of Islands…

Happiness all day!

22 thoughts on “Atulayan Island

    1. Thanks Rani. I love my the top too…Got it in Mexico…wish though I got more.. Yeah, I am truly enjoying my trip to Bicol..I have 5 weeks to go..Then, I have to go back in Manila..Love you..Say hi to Anna for me…All the best, Jenny


  1. Happiness all day, wonderful dreams at night. These is what life is in the Islands. You are blessed to be a part of it. This is what I miss when I left the Philippines 10 years ago. I always knew paradise was where the Sun and it’s radiance never ends. Beautiful images . Thanks.


  2. Beautiful pictures, Jenny! Makes me regret at not having explored our province when I was still there and had all the time in the world. Now I have to see them through your eyes. Thanks a lot for this tour. 😉


    1. Thank you and your welcome too! There is so many new resorts in Cam Sur like the Stone House Gardens Resort located in the base of Mt Isarog which I plan to check it out soon (when the rain stops though)

      This trip of mine, I try to go to different places instead of the usual. Back then, we only go to Pasacao…Love Bicol..nothing bits home! I am glad you enjoyed the photos….All the best, Jenny


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