The importance of creative play


Atulayan Island, Camarines Sur Philippines

The importance of creative play in early childhood is one of the most important criteria in Mental Health. Play helps children weave together all the elements of life as they experience it. It allows them to digest life and make it their own. It is an outlet for the fullness of their creativity, and it is an absolutely critical part of their childhood. With creative play, children blossom and flourish; without it, they suffer a serious decline.

Source: Joan Almon of  Wardolf Research Institute

* The photo was taken before leaving the island. The kids in the photo live in the island with their family who watches over the resort.

27 thoughts on “The importance of creative play

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! The reason why I also posted this is because kids this days would rather use technology and not play outside which is not good because they tend to loose human interaction..Sad sad sad!


  1. I think it applies to adults too. If I don’t get enough of creative play in my life, I always feel I am missing on something important. Of course, creative expression in childhood and adulthood may be quite different, nevertheless, it’s as important.


  2. Don’t I miss those carefree days of spending hours in the water? I can see these times now through my little girl especially last weekend when we went camping and she spent hours braving the chilly waters of the pool at the camp. 😉


  3. Perhaps the reason why my generation is often referred to as the Greatest Generation is because we had to be creative in our play. No such thing as video games where you got points for killing people. We played cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, house, doctor, train engineer, etc., using little more than our imagination.


    1. I feel the same way. Born 1971 and played cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians and did not have a lot of toys…Compared to people this days, having everything but cannot relate to people…We have lost the human interaction because of facebook, BBs, Iphones….What are we gonna do?


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