Street children in the Philippines

I took this picture few months back while I was heading home from work. The child beggars spend their day begging for money so they can give food for their families. As soon as the stop light turns red, you see one or two kids rush in the jeepney wiping shoes, leaving a little envelope for money or even singing to attract donations.  They also work at night till they have enough money to feed their family.  Sometimes, they are under controlled by a syndicate. These syndicate would kidnap children to be used as beggars.  They would feed, house and exploit them. Besides begging, they would use them for house cleaning and other errands. If they try to escape, they will be beaten.

The government has Welfare Program for the Street Children but they are not doing enough to help these exploited children from these cruel world.

It really crushes my heart when I see this kids…What will happen to them?  Are they destined to be tugs and drifters? Really heart breaking!

Singing Child Beggar
Children Beggars counting change

38 thoughts on “Street children in the Philippines

  1. I like this post because you are revealing a sad thing about your society, and many other societies. We don’t have street children in Canada, but because of internet many children are sexually exploited in my country and all-over the world. When will all children just get to be their innocent selves?


    1. Yeah, I love this post too because I get to show the ugly side of my country. This has been going on for the longest time but most people choose to ignore because they think they do not want to be bothered by it and it is just part of life. However, they do not understand children are our future. They should not be exploited and be ignored like that..A sad tale in every developing nation but also, all over the world.

      Thank you Resa for stopping by and giving time to comment..All the best, Jenny


    1. HI Marianne,

      It is still very much prevalent in all prevalent in every developing world like Asia, Africa, Middle and South Africa…This will only be eradicated if we remove all corrupt officials who back this syndicates…Its a sad tale..I hope this post helps a little.

      Thanks for the like and the visit.
      Happy Sunday!



      1. Totally agree with you. I used to work with aid to poor countries, sometimes I would cry myself to sleep. But I also met wonderful people who literarily changed their life by taking one small step by another. They inspired me a lot.


      2. Totally agree with you. I used to work with aid to poor countries, sometimes I would cry myself to sleep. But I also met wonderful people who literarily changed their life by taking one small step by another. They inspired me a lot. Thank you for post!


  2. As a Filipino I feel so sad about this matter, I wrote also about Chad the boy I met in street and like you I am wishing and hoping that our government extend there effort to resolve this problem… A great post whom able to tackled timely and factual scenario in our society, God Bless Jen…


    1. Hi, thanks for taking some time to comment on this issue. Government is doing very little on the unfortunate and the disabled…Sometimes, I think life can be unfair. While others are very lucky while other suffer this fate. The government should invest more on the betterment of this kids so they can be responsible and worthy leaders of the future…Compared to the corrupt government officials.



  3. Jenny, saddens me greatly that there are children exploited and forced to beg to support their families. Unfortunately there are many children in this situation, worldwide. Children who simply are stolen childhood.
    Have a wonderful day, Jenny! 🙂


    1. Hi Stefania,
      Nice to see you again!…Children are being exploited and abused not just here but all over the world as well…True, this cruel people steal their innocence and childhood right under our noses…Hate to see this children lead a very destructive life.


      1. I agree with you Jenny.   I hate people who exploit other people and children
        This is very sad.
        Nobody has that right to exploit his peers.


  4. Sad reality in our country which has the cases of extremes — wealth and poverty side by side. My heart bleeds for these children who at a very early age have to fend for their families instead of having a normal childhood. I’m no stranger to poverty because I grew up poor and at an early age, me and my siblings have to already help in the family store and comprada. Education is the only way out of poverty so I hope that in one way or another, these kids will have that one chance.


    1. So much progress in our country but still not enough. The government needs to do more on the plight of these kids. Education..Education..Education is the key. Stolen childhood for these kids…They do not deserve to grow at such an early age. My heart bleeds when I see child beggars like him.


  5. Madame Jenny Keep up the fight the street children needs you. Especially at this point of time where the economy of the the whole world is down. I like your vigilant about protecting children. Cheers Nonoy Manga


    1. Sorry about the picture..I used my ordinary camera when I took that picture when the kids were counting change…Really hard to ignore the issue, I get to see them everywhere when I am out and about. Thanks for taking the time to comment..All the best, Jenny


  6. Whenever I visit Manila, I encounter street children – so heart wrenching. After all these years, I am still not used to it – one never does get ‘used’ to it


  7. Hello Jenny,
    Like you, i become vigilant and started working and recruiting people who has the heart to help the children i need and DO SOMETHING to change their lives. I started and organization named “I LOVE STREETCHILDREN” in Manila and we aim to develop a system that literally change their lives by providing them a home. I cannot do it alone. We need your help and be part of our organization 🙂

    Please see our facebook page:
    if you want to join us and be an active member :

    We are baby organization but in just 4 months, we are able to rescue 10 families off the street and provide then free home, free electric and water bill and free rice. We rehabilitate each family in 2-3 years time so that in the future, they will be able to sustain the needs of their children by providing them livelihood.

    If you wanna help reach our dreams zero street children in 2030 please feel free to communicate with us:

    Eiselle Joy Pascua
    SMS # +63 917 301 3594


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