The beginning of my quest for Pili Oil


In the beginning, all I had was an address of DTI Legaspi not knowing one of my followers is one of the head Director of Department of Trade in Legaspi (Chito Aguilar). Serendipitous indeed! So I met Mindy Yee of Leslie’s Pili Pulp Oil first and they showed me Canarium The First Virgin Kernel Oil and other Pili Oil based products. Also, met up with Sorsogon Department of Trade in Sorsogon to discuss possible collaboration with Sorsogon Pili Oil main suppliers. Then, they called me to come to Pili Camarines Sur Regional Technology Department to show me the newly invented equipment to extract Pili Oil sap. Funny, after the meeting, we all tried Pili Oil on our hair and face.

Did not have a plan in the beginning but only a belief of Pili Oil’s magic. I guess, when everything is right, everything will fall into place. So this is…

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  1. It’s very interesting.


  2. Malou says:

    Quite curious about the taste of pili oil, Jenny. Is it similar to walnut oil or peanut oil? It would be nice to check out its many uses so that it is easy to promote to a wider market. 😉


    1. Pili Oil is fairly new…..We are trying to promote as a raw material for make-up, anti-aging and perfume industry..And it taste more of walnut oil!


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