Casa Loma – The Majestic Castle

I stepped back in time as I explored the former estate of Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, a prominent Toronto financier, industrialist and military man. The tour of the castle was self-guided and truly enjoyed the enchanting Casa Loma Estate Gardens stroll through five acres of formal and informal specialty areas alive with color and fragrance.

Casa Loma Castle was the lifelong dream of Sir Henry Pellatt, a medieval castle on the crest of a hill overlooking Toronto. It begun in 1911 and took nearly 3 years to build which cost $3,500,000. Sir Henry Pellatt only enjoyed Casa Loma for less than ten years before financial misfortune forced him to abandon his dream castle. Today this unique piece of Canadian history is open daily as Canada’s top 10 tourist attraction in the country.

Go visit Canada’s Majestic Castle, Casa Loma and step back in time to a period of European elegance and splendour.

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  1. I have been there several times as a tourist, and a few times on film shoots. It is amazing, and the history is fascinating.


    1. Thanks Resa…loved that place…its a step back from time 😉


  2. Really nice Castle. I’m putting it on “must visit” place list. Thanks for sharing. Love the photos.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and deciding to follow..It is a must place to visit 😉


  3. alkhatnai says:

    great post about a great place. Thanks.


    1. Your welcome and thank you for stopping by 😉


      1. alkhatnai says:

        Keep up the good work.


      2. Thank you so much…


  4. Stefania says:

    Jenny, my dear, is very beautiful castle. with pleasure I would visit! Very beautiful photos. Thank you so much for having shared with us.
    Have a wonderful day! big hugs dear Jenny! 🙂


    1. Thank you Stefania…….have a wonderful day and as always, a big hug from the Philippines!


  5. clownonfire says:

    My wife is a Loma”s”. I kind of liked looking at this pics…
    Le Clown


    1. Thanks LeClown…You are truly one of the kind. All the best, Jenny


  6. marneymcnall says:

    I just realized I’ve been here. Many years ago, a cousin of mine who is a teacher asked me to help chaperone her class. I had forgotten the name of the caste, but as I was looking through your photos, thought it looked familiar. When I saw the stained glass dome ceiling…that confirmed it. Thanks for helping me remember.


    1. Your welcome Marney and thanks for stopping by my blog. All the best, Jenny


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