Personal Space

Growing up and living abroad, I got used to the boundaries of having personal space. I find that it is different in my culture. In the Philippine culture, there is no such thing as personal space. While in the Western culture, it is way different. Westerners assume that a certain zone around our bodies is our personal space. It depends though in any social situations and social standing.

Currently, residing in the Philippines, I find it hard and difficult to make people understand on wanting to live alone. I have been living in the country for less than two years now but even voicing out you wanting to be on your own is fraught upon by relatives and friends. Why? Here in the Philippines, you often see relatives living in one house all scooped up together. I love my family and enjoy hanging out with them but when it comes the time to unwind…all I want is my personal space.

When my mother was alive, all she wants and dream off that all of us children will live in one house. Even my older sister and most of the family is the same way but I am different. When I was a kid, all I wanted was to be independent and to be on my own. I only lived with my brother for a year; then, managed to be on my own from then on. Since I came back, I have been living with relatives but am itching to be on my own.

It is difficult in this country to have that valued space but if you really want it, you really have to create it yourself. So that is what I am planning to do next, find a place I call my own sanctuary.

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18 thoughts on “Personal Space

  1. I fully understand your point. That’s the western culture rubbing its influence on you. Will be frowned upon in our country but never mind that, just follow what your heart desires. 😉


  2. I completely get you r point. I am astounded at how many people did not get the years that I lived alone and loved it! I don’t come from a large immediate family and love my large extended one, nor did N.Y. ever make me feel crowded. It’s jsut that sense of clsong the door, throwing on your comfy clothes & curling up with book/movie/laptop and the always loving four-legged companions. Some cultures and even some individuals are aghast at the concept, but keep that personal space. Even as a couple, I need that time toveg without explanation or go hang out for some people-watching & catching up with the papers, etc.
    Thanks for hitting me up on my blog….


    1. Thanks Kaia for taking the time to stop by my blog and deciding to follow. I finally got my own rented 1 bedroom 3rd floor pad. As the matter of fact, I got my wish. A truly private, secluded and airy place. Just moved 4 days ago. A place where, I can just be myself with no watchful eyes. Cheers, thanks for the likes as well.


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