My new home sweet home!

Good news, I finally found myself a rental pad. I am in the corner pad 3rd floor by the river. So love the chi, lots of wind and most of all, lots of privacy. Just moved last Saturday and this will be my third night. Had no internet for the past two days and just finally got my prepaid broadband emergency stick working. Still waiting for the internet guy but will have the set-up done in a few days. I have pretty much everything set-up except the living room area. Will leave the walls empty till I start painting again. After all this years, only now I get the urge to paint..I found some oils in the bookstore but not so many choices. However, that will do for now. Lots of space-very ideal for painting and the smell of turpentine will not affect me because of the big window space. Plus, the good side the distance from here to my family’s house is like 10-15 minute walk. No problem commuting there.

I found this place Thursday; made the deal on Friday and moved Saturday. My landlords only wanted me and nobody else. It is so meant to be. When you will it, you find it. Always true!


The sweetest type of heaven is home — nay, heaven itself is the home for whose acquisition we are to strive the most strongly. Home, in one form and another, is the great object of life. It stands at the end of every day’s labor, and beckons us to its bosom; and life would be cheerless and meaningless, did we not discern across the river that divides it from the life beyond, glimpses of the pleasant mansions prepared for us.

JOSIAH GILBERT HOLLAND, Gold-Foil, Hammered from Popular Proverbs

Photo Credit: Toon Pool

Quote Credit: Notable Quotes

Home Sweet Home Photo Credit: Ted Landphair’s Voice of America

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  1. congrats on your new place:)


  2. sisterdot56 says:

    yes lord you have give as a new mornday blessing ,,,Dot,,,,,,”””“Still, if you set your heart on God and reach out to him, If you scrub your hands of sin and refuse to entertain evil in your home, You’ll be able to face the world unashamed and keep a firm grip on life, guiltless and fearless. You’ll forget your troubles; they’ll be like old, faded photographs.” (Job 11:13-16 MSG)

    As long as you focus on someone you resent, that person controls you. You’re worrying about something he or she has already forgotten about.

    Long before psychology came along, Job said there are three steps for inner healing:

    1. Put your heart right. If you want to be emotionally healed from a hurt, you have to release the offender — whether you feel like it or not. Don’t try to get even. Forgive that person, then release him or her.

    2. Reach out to God. You need to invite Christ to come into your life and fill you with his forgiveness. Why? I don’t think you can manufacture enough forgiveness in your life to handle all the hurts you’re going to face, not only those of the past but those you’ll have between now and when you die.


  3. nonoymanga says:

    Congratulation Madame Jenny Home sweet Home!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga


    1. Thank you Noynoy Manga!


  4. free penny press says:

    Enjoy your new home 🙂


    1. Thank you thank you 😉


  5. Congratulations Jenny! Enjoy yourself.


  6. Yay! I’m so happy you have your own space.


  7. Grace says:

    Congrats, Jen!


    1. Thanks Grace. I love it talaga.


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