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Sorry for missing out in the blogging world. I got sick just right after my move. It’s been practically a week since my move; enjoying the chi and the peacefulness that it gives me. I have been trying to find some inspiration for my new post but lately have been suffering from writers block or I call it blogger’s block. Somehow, I cannot seem to produce a new post. I have not been going outdoors so no travel pics to display. Finally, today, I came up with one idea. In Facebook, I usually would go to the China Daily USA page as there are so many interesting stories to browse and read on. I chose a few that are quite inspiring and hope you like them as well…..

1) Yang Shunbi, a fifty-something grandmother of two, who does the splits..Simply amazing!

2) Chimpanzees cooling off with ice cream in a zoo in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province…I so love this. Isn’t it adorable and quite amusing.

3) Talk about adversity ! Chen Zhou, 29, celebrates climbing the 1,491-meter Mount Songshan in Henan province on July 12. Chen, from Shandong, lost his legs in an accident when he was 13. His my hero.

Full story here: Chen Zhou

4) I so love Jet Li and his causes. The One Foundation, the charity founded by film star Jet Li, announced on Thursday the creation of a program to help the country’s orphans and other children whose parents are absent. Great man he is!

Full story here: The One Foundation

5) The secret behind Huangcheng village’s prosperity is to let villagers be their own bosses and offer them opportunities to realize dreams, says Zhang Jiasheng, head of the village in Yangcheng county, Shanxi province. Wow, I totally love this concept. Awesome idea – maybe I am dreaming or stretching this idea but this maybe a great idea to solve a lot of economic headaches right now. Truly innovative!

Full story here: Huangcheng Village Prosperity

So these are the five choices I made as of now.

I hope you enjoyed it!
Feel Free to browse the page……

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  1. I hope you have completely recovered from your illness. I’m not on Facebook, but these images are delightful. Thank you!



    1. Your welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by 😉



      1. Likewise, and I love stopping by.


  2. Jenny, my dear, I’m so sorry you are sick. I wish you a speedy recovery! Take care of yourself!
    Be blessed with good health and happiness! big hugs! 🙂



    1. I feel better now and thanks so much for stopping by. Big hugs to you too!



  3. I am lucky because I have never had writer’s block or blogger’s block. There is too much in life and, as my friends would say, I’m never at a loss for words.



    1. You are lucky there…I am starting to get back in the groove again though! Thanks for stopping by. Best, Jenny



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