R.I.P. DILG Sec Jesse Manalastas Robredo

You will always be remembered for your country’s service

No longer in our life to share

but you will always be present in our hearts

You are a great politician

You speak of the people

Your legacy must be followed

For the betterment of the country

Good-bye DILG Sec Jesse Robredo

Source Photo: Jim Paredes          

14 thoughts on “R.I.P. DILG Sec Jesse Manalastas Robredo

    1. Although, I never met him. He was well loved by my countrymen. He was a very close friend of my family and even attended the wakes of my mother and my brother. He died from a plane crash last Saturday.


  1. Jenny, my dear, condolences! I’m so sorry you lost a great man and friend! It’s so sad when this happens. Be blessed with the strength to overcome this loss! Big hugs, much love always, Stefania! 🙂


      1. Sayang !!!! Pwede naman sa internet..Punta ka sa website nang GMA 7.

        Dito sa Naga, ang daming nagbibisita..pati ang mga artista. Malapit ako nakatira sa kanila at yan burol nilalakad ko lang yon.


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