Bicolano Beggar

Bicolano Beggar

Sorry again for not posting lately. I have been busy but loving it. Anyways, I have been collecting pictures since I moved here in Naga City. I will try to do one picture post a day and show you around my province.

The picture was taken today in Naga City Market steps. I had to go and check out the markets for a wedding give away. No, I am not getting married. I am very single. This is for somebody else. Anyway, I spent the afternoon snapping up pictures of native handicraft bags. So every time I go to the market, I see this beggar. I always stop by and give money to the beggar upon leaving. It just breaks my heart. I asked him to smile to me but he was very shy. I think this photograph is very symbolic because despite the big economic improvement in my province; I still see a lot of poverty when I am out and about. Mostly these beggars have syndicates; they have a master. Despite knowing this, I still give money because how can you not too?

12 thoughts on “Bicolano Beggar

  1. Jenny, my dear, you have a heart as big as the universe and pity the poor people! Being good with her ​​heart, is a great achievement!
    It’s sad, dear Jenny, that there are people who are forced to beg. People living at the poverty line. It happens all over the world, unfortunately!
    Be blessed with beautiful life and happiness! Big hugs always with love, Stefania! 🙂


    1. Thank you Stefania for the very sweet comment! Maybe this post will help him get his dignity back. If I can help one person, it will make me really happy. Really sad! Stefania, I also want you to be blessed with a beautiful life and hapiness! I enjoy your paintings in your blog. They are beautiful and classical. Big hugs with love from Naga City, Jenny B


      1. Thank you with all my heart, for your appreciation and for your nice words for me and for my blog, dear Jenny! I send to you warm friendly smiles and big hugs always with love Stefania!


      2. Many many thanks Stefania. I always enjoyed looking at your painting posts. By the way, I am also a painter but have not painted for a long time. But will soon start again, and post them in my blog space. Big big hug from me to you. Happy weekend! Best, Jenny B


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