Bicolano Beggar

Today, I am posting another picture of the beggar in the Naga City market steps.  This pic I took when I was leaving the market.  I find that street pictures are more powerful especially the ones that speak of poverty.  This beggar is just one of a billion people struggling, not for their shelter and belongings but they struggle with their life day to day. Usually people born with poverty never get out of it. If their parents are born below the poverty line; usually, the children grow up the same way. A sad reality not just in my country but all over the world.

Bicolano Beggar

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  1. marviiilous says:

    yes, it’s a sad reality in all over the world especially in developing countries. By finding more beggars on streets, we know that the number of the poor keeps increasing 😞.


    1. Yup, I totally agree…Cycle of poverty all throughout the world.


  2. nonoymanga says:

    Madame Jenny i don’t know if our current government had any plan for them or is there any plan at all? Cheers Nonoy Manga


    1. I really do not know Noynoy!


  3. Oh Jenny, I’m so sorry there are beggars anywhere!


    1. Yeah, I feel the same way…


  4. Stefania says:

    Jenny, my dear, I’m so sad situation these people who have to beg! I’m so sorry for them! : (

    Big hugs always with love, Stefania! 🙂


    1. So for the late response….a very big hug from Bicol to Romania 😉


  5. ldunnjr01 says:

    No one is born to be a beggar. A person or family are usually forced into it because of external events in their life or have chosen that way of life because of internal beliefs.

    I cannot help everyone in this world but I can help a few. All I can do is live my life and practice my Christian (Hebrews 13:16)/Islamic (17:26-29) teaching by helping others to help themselves and not excepting anything in return when I give.

    I can’t say much concerning the professional beggars (and I am sure there may be some in the Philippines too) other than to pray for them. All I can do is help a select few and hope that person will stand on his/her feet and help someone else.

    Much Love and Respect to you Jenny…nice blog you have.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and to stop by my blog space. Yes, I truly agree with you and admire you for that. We cannot help everybody but I have helped quit a few in the past. In life we must learn to compromise just by sensing their needs. I have gotten a poor kid rubber shoes for school when I saw his shoes is all turn up – that was last Christmas. I donated money for the Haiti Earthquake. I got a poor mother who just given birth a crib for the newly born. I am currently helping a business owner who is starting all over again. Helped friends and my family countless times…I might not be a constant church goer but I truly practice Christianity.

      So once again thank you for the kind words.
      All the best in life, Jenny


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